Prerequisites for downloading solr

To be able to download and configure your Solr Apache search server you have to work from different Linux / Unix, macOS / OS X or Windows operating systems. In this tutorial, we will do the Solr Apache installation for Windows 10.

And the system must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) available. If you don't have it, in this tutorial we show you how to install it. JRE is required from version 1.8.

You can check with the following command line of the CMD of your device if it is installed correctly on your system:

java -version

check java version

Download solr

On the Apache solr official website, you will find a download section or you can go directly to the download page that has all the versions of Solr available and choose the one you want to install.

versiones solr

Once you choose the version you want to download, a list of folders will appear.

solr indice
  • solr-version-src.tgz is the developer package, because it contains the source code in which you can also work outside the GitHub community.
  • solr-version.tgz is the version for Mac and Linux / Unix users.
  • contains the Windows compatible package.
  • The documentation for this version is stored in the changes / folder.

Download the file from the list.

Unzip it for example on the desktop of your device if you still do not know which project you are going to use it for.

Start solr

If we open the Solr Apache directory we will find the following structure:

solr directorio
  • The bin folder contains all the necessary binary scripts, which helps make the solution easier to run.
  • The contrib folder includes additional plugins for specialized Solr functions.
  • The dist: folder contains the main Soljar .jar files.
  • The docs folder includes a link to online Javadocs for Solr.
  • The example folder includes several types of examples that demonstrate various Solr capabilities.
  • The Licenses folder includes all licenses for third party libraries used by Solr.
  • The server folder is where the heart of the Solr Apache application resides.

To start Solr Apache, we have to access the bin folder through the CMD with the command lines:

cd solr-version

cd bin

solr start

solr bin

Once the solr start command is executed, we can see that the Solr Apache user interface is browser based.

If instead you get the following screen:

solr java home environment

In this case, the Java runtime environment is not installed and you must install it.

Let's continue. If the installation and initialization of the program have been successful, you can find the Solr administration panel at the following address:

http: // localhost: 8983 / solr / # /

solr control panel

This is the Solr admin panel.

This home page provides an overview where we can see many default configuration details such as solr spec version, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) details, processor, physical memory, solr occupied heap memory, and more details.

From this point we can start working with Solr Apache.

If we want to exit the program we will have to use the command line:

Solr stop -all

solr stop