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Solr is an Apache based search engine.

Solr is a vertical search engine that allows the user to focus their searches on a specific topic, with the possibility of filtering the search. In this tutorial we will explain everything you need to know about Solr.

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What is Solr?

Solr is an Apache-based search engine, written in the Java programming language and based on the Java Lucene library, which enables vertical search engines to be integrated.

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How does Solr do the indexing?

Indexing in Solr would be similar to creating an index at the end of a book that includes the words that appear in that book and their location,

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How Solr queries work?

Sorl is a vertical search engine. A vertical search engine performs your search on a certain number of pages or documents. In front of the Solr type vertical search engines, we would find the generic search engines or horizontal search engines, such as Google

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How to download and install Solr?

We explain how to download and install solr.

To be able to download and configure your Solr Apache search server you have to work from different Linux / Unix, macOS / OS X or Windows operating systems. In this tutorial, we will do the Solr Apache installation for Windows 10.

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